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The Future is Telehealth (But Let's Make Sure it's Accessible)

In spring of 2020, telepractice exploded in the U.S. when health professionals needed to socially distance from their patients in order to deliver care. How did they adapt? What advantages did they realize and what barriers did they overcome? Amanda and Rachel interviewed Amy Lamont, current occupational therapist and MGH IHP alum, about her qualitative study exploring the experience of OTs using telepractice to work with low vision clients.

A Chronicle of Healthcare Workers on the 4th Floor of Spaulding Hospital Cambridge

While many of us were safe at home in 2020, the staff on the 4th floor of Spaulding Hospital Cambridge were volunteering to care for Covid-19 patients. In this episode, Amanda and Rachel are joined by Pauline Clarke, a nurse manager at Spaulding Hospital Cambridge and recent 2021 graduate of the MGH IHP Doctor of Nursing Practice program. For her capstone project, Pauline interviewed her staff about their experiences working through the pandemic. What she learned from her staff paints a vivid picture of life and work in 2020 for these dedicated healthcare workers. We discuss the sacrifices they made, as well as the unexpected silver linings they found in the midst of a devastating year.

Do the Work, Try Something, Change Something, Reflect

Ashley McLellan, a student in the Master of Science in Nursing program joins us to talk about her scholarly project on preventing peanut allergy in children, in collaboration with her team at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children Food Allergy Center.

Expand Your Horizons

In this episode of Evidence Based IHP, Emma Snyder, a first-year student in the Genetic Counseling program joins us to talk about her research on Turner Syndrome, in collaboration with her team at the Massachusetts General Hospital Turner Syndrome Clinic. We dive into how this research and findings within the study Emma conducted helps genetic counselors personalize care for women with 45,X/46,XX mosaicism. Topics also emerge that focus on the challenges of publishing during a pandemic, the importance of women in science, and Imposter Syndrome. Amanda and Rachel wrap the episode up with a discussion of recent research on the experiences of women working in STEMM.

Growth is Uncomfortable

Justin Wong and Lauren Rimmel, from the Clinical Residency in Ortho PT program, join Amanda and Rachel to talk about their research focused on how educators can better support culturally and diverse linguistic learners in graduate school. The conversation evolves from findings within the study and the importance of this type of research, as well as hopes for how this work will be applied to improve future student outcomes. We also touch on topics such as how to reflect in action, how to advocate for culturally diverse and linguistic learners, and how this work will make an impact for future practitioners in the PT field. To wrap it up, Amanda and Rachel discuss antiracism in scholarship and practice.

Introducing the Evidence-Based IHP Podcast

Meet the creative team behind the Evidence-Based IHP podcast and learn what this show is all about!